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The founder of Reality & Truth Ministries is LaDonna Brendle. She is passionate about sharing the love of Christ love and sharing the word of God. A note from our founder…

Dear Friend,

I am so excited to write and share with you what God has done in my life! Around the year of 2000, while sitting in church, the Lord brought to my attention that my faith in Jesus Christ was in vain. Though I was a professing Christian and had been baptized as a child, all I truly had was faith in myself along with some religious traditions. My lifestyle had no real evidence of faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. At that moment of Truth, I surrendered my life to Christ, which began a personal relationship with Him. Since that day, my life has been more meaningful and full of amazing peace, even under many unfortunate circumstances!

In 2005, a very special friend began to disciple and challenge me in my faith walk. She held me accountable to spending consistent time in prayer with our Creator. I am so grateful for this, because, though my previous surrender to Christ changed my eternal life, it is prayer that changed my existing life. In prayer, God has taught me that His wisdom surpasses all human wisdom and that He gives it freely through the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. I have certainly found that what God’s Word says in Jeremiah 33:3 to be true… Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Boy has He told me things that I did not know. He has told me some things about myself that, humanly speaking, I would rather not know. But He has also told me some things that are exciting to know! For instance, what He planned and purposed for my life, which is far from my original plans!

In prayer, God revealed His plan for me to start Reality & Truth Ministries. Though I was not equipped when the Lord called me to this, He has been equipping me along the way. It has been very exciting and rewarding to meet many strangers in extraordinary ways that needed encouragement, sound teaching, love and gifts. Though these are needs that we are all called to meet as Christians, God called me to structure this ministry so that He can make a greater impact to enlarge His Kingdom.

I have committed my life and Reality & Truth Ministries to the Lord, in prayer. Since my friend’s challenge in 2005, I have not missed one day of fellowship with our Father God. I spend an average of one or more hours each day in prayer with Him and His Word to guide my obedience to His will for my life and for the ministry which He has entrusted to me. The Lord has provided diverse Board members for this ministry that also spend time listening to His guidance. If you would like to be Christ’s vessel in this ministry or if there is anything I can pray for you about, please let me know.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my note and check out the ministry’s website! I know that your time is valuable and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to share this part of my life with you!

With Love,


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