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Reality & Truth Ministries began in Fall 2008 with the mission to serve and glorify God according to the work of Christ by promoting the One source of Truth amidst everyday realities through encouraging, teaching, loving and gifting others. We soon began evangelizing and giving away Bibles at a neighboring apartment complex. All the while, we were and remain active in prison ministry. The Lord then focused our mission field to downtown Montgomery and Tel Aviv Israel. We began short term missions to the homeless and poor in Tel Aviv. Thereafter, we began Sunday Street School, teaching God’s Word and providing lunch weekly to a downtown street community. We also began teaching a Bible study and providing a meal weekly at a downtown church. There were homeless joining us and I learned that there were no places for the poor to eat dinner in this area. God soon led us to begin providing a daily dinner to the poor community downtown. Each night as I ate, fellowshipped and prayed with them, I learned their stories and about the many unmet needs of the poor in our city. This burdened me with so many churches in existence and knowing that God has commanded His people to open our hands wide to the poor (Deuteronomy 15:11). After much prayer and obedience, we opened One Church Mission Center, a day shelter providing the amenities of home to the homeless and poor which meets both the spiritual and physical needs of our community; named such to show the faithfulness of His church. With the heart of our ministry being God's Word, we later added televised Bible studies.

One Church Mission Center is the most active and requires the most resources. The center provides Bible studies, showers, haircuts, laundry, clothing, home furnishings, groceries, financial management, legal documents, daily dinners, and weekday lunches. The greatest and most exciting thing that our mission center provides is the opportunity to fulfill the great commission of go, teach and baptize (Matthew 28:19-20). The time spent throughout each day building relationships with this community has proven to be very fruitful for the expansion of His kingdom. We literally are doing what God has commanded in Deuteronomy 6 by teaching as we walk, talk, sit, and eat together daily.

We have operated by faith for over three years in a rental building at 515 S Court Street. During those three years we also purchased a permanent facility at 506 Montgomery Street to better fit the capacity we serve. Recently we received a building permit allowing us to pursue renovations. To better fund our renovations we discontinued operating in the rental space and began sharing space in another organization’s building in July. We are only able to offer daily dinners and Bible studies there. Our desire is that the Church will come together much like God’s people of the past. In Nehemiah we learned that the wall was rebuilt in 52 days by various groups with diverse skills having a mixture of resources within the congregations.

Until now, we have relied solely on partnerships that the Lord has sent to us. However, with such a God-sized vision we believe that He has called us to give others the opportunity to be His witnesses in their Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria (Acts 1:8) by financially partnering with us to renovate the building for our One Church Mission Center. The estimated cost of renovations is $455,000. At this time, we are looking for churches, businesses and individuals to provide either a one-time donation or an opportunity to speak to groups for a love offering. These financial partnering options allow every one the opportunity to be obedient in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the poor daily. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and operate completely by volunteers. Our leadership holds high the standard of Christian stewardship. I would love to talk with you more about the vision God has given me and invite you to call me anytime.

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